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Working with text - Checking the spelling

Creating and modifying a custom dictionary

You can create an unlimited number of custom dictionaries and switch between them when it is necessary. A custom dictionary is a list of the user's spelling exceptions. The extension of custom dictionary files is .cus.

During a spelling check, words in the drawing are matched to words in the current main and custom dictionaries. All spelling exceptions that you add with the Add option are stored in the current custom dictionary. For example it is possible to add personal or place names to skip automatically those words in spell check. The current custom dictionary is the icad .cus file stored in the progeCAD application data folder.

To select a custom dictionary
  1. Click Browse...
  2. Choose the necessary .cus file.
  3. Click Open.
To add the content of a custom dictionary to the current one
  1. Select a custom dictionary from the list displayed in the custom dictionary area.
  2. Click OK