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Working with text - Checking the spelling

Check Spelling

Corrects the spelling in text objects of a drawing.
It is possible to do the spell checking for any text of a drawing, including:

· Single line text

· Multiline text

· Text in block attributes

· External references

For attributes, only values are checked.
To do the check spelling in another language, you can choose a different dictionary. You can also customize and manage several dictionaries and switch between them.

To do the check spelling
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Tools > Spell Check.
  3. Type spell and then press Enter.
    1. Displays the current dictionary.
    2. Displays the misspelled word and its context in the drawing.
    3. Displays (or you can type) a new word to replace the misspelled word in the drawing.
    4. Displays a list of suggested words from the current dictionary to replace the misspelled one.Select a replacement word from the list or edit, or enter a replacement word in the top Suggestions text area.
    5. Displays the dialog box Change Dictionaries.
    1. Adds the word entered in the box to the current custom dictionary.
    2. It allows to choose one of the words in the Suggestions box, to obtain other suggestions about that item.
    3. Replaces the current word in all the selected text objects.
    4. Replaces the current word with the word specified in the Suggestions box.
    5. Ignore the current word
    6. Move the slider to zoom in or out on the text.
    1. Type a word for the custom dictionary.
    2. Displays the words in the custom dictionary.
    3. Click to delete the currently selected word from the custom dictionary.
    4. Click to add the current word in the edit box (A) to the custom dictionary.
    1. Click to select a different custom dictionary.
    2. Displays the custom dictionary filename. You can type a new path and filename or click Browse to select a file.
    1. Select the desired spelling dictionary.
    1. Click to open the default Internet browser to a web page where you can download spelling dictionaries in different languages.