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Working with text - Changing text


This command allows you to find, replace, or select a text and it controls the results of the search.

To find and replace a text
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Select Edit > Find and Replace
  3. Type find and then press Enter.
  4. In the find and replace mask you can see these options:
  • Find Text String : Indicates the text string to find. Enter a text string including any wild card characters, or choose one from the list of the six most recently used strings.
  • Replace With: Indicates the text string you want to use to replace the found text. Enter a string or choose one from the list of the most recently used strings.
  • Search In: Indicates whether to search the entire drawing or only the current selection. If something is already selected, Selection is the default value. If nothing is selected, the default value is Entire Drawing. You can use the Select Objects button to close temporarily the dialog box and create or modify the selection set. When selection is completed press Enter or right click to open the dialog box again.
  • Select Objects Button: Closes temporarily the dialog box so that you can select objects in your drawing. Press ENTER to return to the dialog box. When you select objects, the Search In field displays Current Selection.
  • Options: Displays the Find and Replace Options dialog box, in which you can define the type of words that you want to find.
  • Find: Finds the text that you have entered in the Find Text String field. This option is not available if you have not entered any text in the Find Text String field. The found text is displayed in the Context area. Once you have found the first instance of the text, the Find option becomes Find Next, which you can use to find the next instance.
  • Replace: Replaces the found text with the text that you entered in the Replace With field.
  • Replace All: Finds all occurrences of the text that you entered in Find Text String and replaces it with the text in Replace With. The Search In setting controls whether to find and replace the text in the entire drawing or the text in the current selection. The status area confirms the replacements and indicates the number of replacements that have been made.
  • Select All: Finds and selects all the objects containing instances of the text that you entered in the Find Text String field. This option is available only when you select objects in a drawing and the Search In control is set to Selection. When you choose Select All, the dialog box closes and a message in the command prompt shows the number of objects founded and selected. Select All does not replace the text.
  • Zoom To: Displays the area in a drawing that contains the results of a find or replace search.