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Working with text - Formatting text

Including special text characters

You can use control codes to overscore or underscore text or to include special characters. Both overscore and underscore can be active at the same time. To include control codes, as you type text, type two percent symbols (%%) followed by the special control code or character. A single percent sign is treated as a normal text character. A triple-percent control code is provided for those instances where a control-code sequence must follow a percent sign in the text.

Special text characters

Control code



Toggles overscore mode on and off.


Toggles underscore mode on and off.


Draws a degree symbol (º).


Draws the plus-or-minus symbol (±).


Draws the circle diameter symbol (Ø).


Forces a single percent sign.


Draws special character number nnn.


Text created using special text characters: Ut wisi %%uenim%%d ad%%p%%u minim %%c %%oveniam.