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Working with text

Working with text styles

When you add text to a drawing, it uses the current text style. Text style determines the font, size, angle, orientation, and other characteristics.

Every drawing has a default text style, named Standard, which initially uses the icad.fnt font. You cannot delete the Standard style, but you can rename it or modify it. You can change the font, the size of the font, and the obliquing angle applied to it. If you change the font or orientation of an existing style, all existing text entities created using that style are automatically updated to reflect the new font or orientation. Changing any other characteristic has no effect on existing text. You also can create and use an unlimited number of additional text styles.

The text style determines the characteristics shown in the following table.

Style characteristics




Font file


The font file on which the style is based.

Text height


The character height. A value of 0 prompts for text height upon insertion.

Width factor


The horizontal expansion or compression of the text. Values less than 1 compress the text; values greater than 1 expand the text.

Obliquing angle


The slant of the text, in degrees. Negative values slant the text to the left; positive values slant the text to the right.



Determines whether text appears backward.

Upside down


Determines whether text appears upside down.



Determines whether text has a vertical orientation.

To create a text style
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Format > Explore Text Styles.
  3. On the Style toolbar, click the Explore Text Styles tool (
  4. ).
  • Type expfonts and then press Enter.
  • Choose Edit > New > Style.
  • Type a new text style name, or press Enter to accept the default name.
  • Choose Edit > Properties to open the Styles dialog box.
  • Under Text Font, select the name, style, and language of the font you want to use.
  • Under Text Measurements, enter the Fixed Text Height, Width Factor, and Oblique Angle measurement.
  • Under Text Generation, select the check boxes you want to indicate the direction for printed text to appear.
  • Close the Styles dialog box, then close the progeCAD Explorer dialog box.
  • To begin using the new style, choose Insert > Text.
  • In the prompt box, select Use Defined Style.