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Getting started - Working in progeCAD

Drawing tabs

When you have several progeCAD drawings open at a time, you can quickly pass from one file to another clicking on the tab references placed right above the drawing area.


If you right click the tabs, a context menu will appear where you can choose options relative to the window, these options can also be found in the corresponding menu Window.


Drawing tabs also allow you to speed up commands performance from one file to another, for example to copy objects from Drawing 1 to Drawing 2.
Choose the Copy command in Drawing 1 and select the objects you want to copy and indicate the base point. When you are asked for a displacement point, click on the tab of Drawing 2 and indicate the points for the objects copies.

To activate or deactivate drawing tabs display
Do one of the following:
  • Choose View > Display > Drawing Tab
  • Right click one of the docked bars to display the context toolbar menu and choose Drawing Tabs.