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Modifying entities

Grouping entities

A group is a collection of entities saved together that you can select and edit as a unit. Groups allow to easy combine drawing elements that you need to manage as a unit. For example, groups are useful in associating 3D solids when you do not want to combine them with a Boolean operation.

After you select the entities that belong to the group, you can later add more entities, remove entities, and re-order these entities. If necessary, you can also ungroup the objects at any time to work with them separately.

Groups represent a blocks alternative method of combining objects. The groups you create are saved from session to session, and you can edit single objects in groups easier than in blocks, which must be first exploded.

When you create a group selecting the command from the Modify menu or from the command bar, you can give it a name and a description. If you select the command to create a group from the toolbar or from the context right click menu, you create an unnamed group. Unnamed groups are listed in the Group dialog box only if the Display Unnamed Groups option is selected. The objects in your drawing can be included in more than one group, and groups can be nested in other groups.

Note Don't create groups containing hundreds or thousands of objects. A large group reduces remarkably the performance of the program.

Groups toolbar

The Group dialog box controls the settings for all groups in a drawing.

The Group dialog box and the toolbar Groups let you specify objects to be added to or removed from a group at any time. From the dialog box you can also revise a group's name or description. If removing from a group or deleting an object cause the group to remain empty, the group is still defined but without any members.