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Modifying entities - Resizing entities

Stretching entities

You can change the size of entities by stretching them. When you stretch entities, you must select the entities using either a crossing window or a crossing polygon. You then specify a displacement distance or select a base point and a displacement point. Entities that cross the window or polygon boundary are stretched; those completely within the crossing window or crossing polygon are simply moved.

To stretch an entity
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Modify > Stretch.
  3. On the Modify toolbar, click the Stretch tool (
  4. ).
  • Type stretch and then press Enter.
  • In the prompt box, choose Crossing Window or Crossing Polygon.
  • Select the entities, and then press Enter.
  • Specify the base point.
  • Specify the second point of displacement.



    To stretch entities, select them using a crossing window ( A ) or crossing polygon, and then specify the base point ( B ) and displacement point ( C ).

  • To stretch an entity using grips, you select it to display its grips and then select a grip to make it the active grip. This becomes the base point. Then you move the active grip to a new location. The grip you select depends on the type of entity you're modifying. For example, to stretch one corner of a rectangle, select the corner point grip. To stretch a line, select an endpoint grip. Not all entities can be stretched using grips.
To stretch an entity using grips
  1. Select the entity.
  2. Click a grip to activate it.
  3. Drag the grip.
  4. Click to release.



    To stretch an entity using grips, select the entity ( A ), select a grip ( B ), and drag the grip to its new location ( C ).