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Modifying entities

Modifying the properties of entities

You can change the layer, thickness, linetype, color, and linetype scale of one or more entities. Depending on the type of entity or entities you select, you can also change other properties, such as the start point and endpoint of lines, the center point and radius of circles, and the vertices of polylines.

You can modify all the properties of all entities simultaneously. For example, using the entprop command, select all entities on a particular layer, and then move the entities to another layer by simply selecting a name from the Layer text box. Addition-ally, using the select command and the Select by Properties option, select all blue entities and change their color to green.

In the Entity Properties dialog box and Properties Window, changes that you make in the Layer, Thickness, Linetype, Color, and Entity Linetype Scale fields affect all selected entities. If you select several entities that all have different properties, the default value initially is Varies. Changes that you make in the entity tabs, such as Circle, Line, and Arc, affect all selected entities of that type. You can select the entities to be changed using any entity-selection method.

To modify the properties of entities
  1. Type entprop and then press Enter
  2. Select the entities, and then press Enter.
  3. Make changes to the properties you want to change, and then click OK.
  4. TIP Use the Entity Properties toolbar or Properties palette to change the properties of selected entities. Note that the Entity Properties toolbar settings that display when no entities are selected determine the properties of new entities when you draw them.
  1. The Entity Properties dialog box, shown in the following illustration, has two sections. The All Selected Entities section (the upper part of the dialog box) displays properties common to all selected entities, such as Layer, Color, and Thickness. This portion of the dialog box is equivalent to the dialog box displayed by the AutoCAD ddchprop command.
  2. The lower section of the Entity Properties dialog box contains options specific to the selected entities. Each tab displays the properties appropriate for the entity. This feature is equivalent to repeatedly applying the AutoCAD ddmodify command to one entity at a time.

    The progeCAD Entity Properties dialog box.