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Modifying entities - Selecting entities - To complete the Fence, press Enter.

Selecting entities first

You can select entities first and then choose how to modify them. As you select each entity, it is highlighted with small squares called grips, which appear at strategic points on the entity.

The locations of the grips depend on the type of entity selected. For example, grips appear at the endpoints and midpoint of a line, at the quadrant points and center point of a circle, and at the endpoints, midpoint, and center of an arc.


Examples of grip locations.

After you select one or more entities, you can choose an entity-modification command, such as Copy or Move, from the Modify menu or toolbar. You can also click the right mouse button to display a shortcut menu containing the entity-modification commands appropriate for the selected entities, and then choose the command from the menu.

When you select entities and then issue a command, the program immediately acts on the entities you've selected. In many cases, a command-specific prompt box provides additional options for that editing operation. If you want to modify the selection set at that point, right-click to display the prompt box with the selection options and choose the option you want. To redisplay the command-specific prompt box, right-click again.