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Getting drawing information - Displaying information about your drawing

Displaying the drawing status

You can display information about the current status of a drawing, including:

Drawing name.


Insertion base point.

Snap and grid settings.

Current layer, color, and linetype.

Current settings for various modes (fill, grid, orthogonal, snap, blips, and so on).
To display the drawing status
  1. Advanced experience level
  2. Do one of the following:
  3. Choose Tools > Inquiry > Drawing Status.
Type status and then press Enter.
  1. The following type of information is displayed:

Current drawing name: Site Plan

Drawing limits are: X=0.0000 Y=0.0000 Z=0.0000

X=12.0000 Y=9.0000 Z=0.0000

Paper space limits are: X=0.0000 Y=0.0000 Z=0.0000

X=12.0000 Y=9.0000 Z=0.0000

Screen width (pixels): 971

Screen height (pixels): 569

Insertion base is: X=0.0000 Y=0.0000 Z=0.0000

Snap resolution is: X=0.5000 Y=0.5000 Z=0.0000

Grid spacing is: X:0.5000 Y:0.5000 Z=0.0000

Current layer: 0

Current color: BYLAYER

Current linetype: BYLAYER

Current elevation: 0.0000

Current thickness: 0.0000

Fill: on

Grid: off

Ortho: off

Snap: off

Blips: off

Drag: on

Command echo: on

Positive angle direction: Counterclockwise

Angular units: Decimal degrees

Dimension units: Decimal

Pick box height: 3

Entities in drawing: 288