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Getting drawing information - Displaying information about your drawing

Displaying information about entities

You can display information about the selected entities. The information varies, depending on the type of entities you select. All of the listings display the following information:

Entity type.




The location of the entity (its xyz-coordinates relative to the current user coordinate system [UCS]).

The current space (model space or paper space).

The size of the entity (the information varies, depending on the entity type).
To display information about an entity
  1. Advanced experience level
  2. Do one of the following:
  3. Choose Tools > Inquiry > List.
  4. On the Inquiry toolbar, click the List tool (
  5. ).
  • Type list and then press Enter.
  • Select one or more entities.
  • Press Enter.
NOTE To return to the drawing window, press F2.
  1. The following type of information is displayed:

------ Circle ---------------------------------------------------

Handle: 2C

Current space: Model

Layer: 0



Handle: 4C

Current space: Model

Center point: X= -5.8583 Y= 7.2752 Z= 0.0000

Radius: 4.4562

Circumference: 27.9989

Area: 62.3837