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Getting started - Working in progeCAD

Displaying commands on a shortcut menu

Right clicking the mouse in the graphical area opens the right click context menu. The default options settings enable the context menu on the right button click both when entities are selected and when no entity is selected. You can disable these options and use the right button of the mouse only as Enter.

To disable the right button menu
Do one of the following:
  • Select Tools > Options.
  • Type options and press Enter
In the tab General activate/deactivate Enable Context menu on Right click when an entity is selected and Enable Context menu on Right click with no entities selected.
Confirm with the OK button.
  1. Right click menus are context dependent and their relative options vary when an entity is selected or when no entity is selected and in terms of the type of object is selected.
  2. In general right click menus include different options to perform operations listed below:
  3. Repeat last command
  4. Cancel current command
  5. Cut, copy and paste from Notepad
  6. Select a different option of the command
  7. Display a dialog box, such as Options or Customize
  8. Cancel last command
  9. In case no object is selected, most common operations are displayed in the right click menu.
  1. When objects are selected, for example some dimension, options relative to the selected object will appear in the right click menu.