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Working with the progeCAD Explorer

Using named views

As you work on a drawing, you may find that you frequently switch among different portions of it. For example, if you are drawing the floor plan of a house, you may zoom in to particular rooms of the house and then zoom out to display the entire house. Although you can repeat the Pan and Zoom commands to do this, it is much easier to save various views of the drawing as named views. You can then quickly switch among these views. You can save and later restore named views using either the View command or the Views element in the progeCAD Explorer.

To display Views in the progeCAD Explorer
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Format > Explore Views.
  3. Choose View > Named Views.
  4. Type view and then press Enter.
  5. Choose Tools > progeCAD Explorer, and then click the Views element.
    1. To display the Views settings, select Views.
    2. Lists names of views defined in the current drawing.
      A check mark indicates the current view.
    3. Displays the height of the view in drawing units.
    1. Displays the width of the view in drawing units.
    2. Displays the direction of the view, expressed as a three-dimensional coordinate in the WCS.
    3. Click any column head to sort the views by that property.