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Working with the progeCAD Explorer

Working with linetypes

progeCAD provides simple and complex linetypes:

A simple linetype consists of a repeating pattern of dots, dashes, or blank spaces.

A complex linetype contains embedded shape and text objects along with
dots, dashes, and spaces.

You can use different linetypes to represent specific kinds of information. For example, if you are drawing a site plan, you can draw roads using a continuous linetype, a fence using a linetype of dashes square posts, or a gas line using a complex linetype showing the text 'GAS'.

By default, every drawing has at least three linetypes: CONTINUOUS, BYLAYER, and BYBLOCK. You cannot rename or delete these linetypes. Your drawing may also contain an unlimited number of additional linetypes. You can load more line-types into the program from a linetype library file or create and save linetypes you define.

To display the progeCAD Explorer Linetypes element
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Format > Explore Linetypes.
  3. Type expltypes and then press Enter.
  4. Choose Tools > progeCAD Explorer, and then click the Linetypes element.
  1. Select Linetypes to display the Linetypes settings.
  2. Lists names of linetypes loaded in the current drawing. A check mark indicates the current linetype.
  3. Describes linetypes loaded in the current drawing.
  1. Shows how linetypes will appear in the drawing.
  2. Sorts the linetypes by that property when you click a column head.