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Working with the progeCAD Explorer - Organizing information on layers - To complete the command and return to your drawing, close the window.

Setting a layer's lineweight

Each layer uses a default lineweight. Lineweights determine the thickness of entities both on the screen and when printed.

All new layers are assigned the DEFAULT lineweight, which is .25 millimeters or .01 inches. If you want a different lineweight assigned to a layer, you can easily change it using progeCAD Explorer. For example, you may want different lineweights on each layer of your drawing to show separate elements, such as walls, dimensions, structural steel, and electrical plans. Changing the lineweight assigned to a layer changes the lineweight of all entities drawn on that layer with the BYLAYER lineweight.

When you create new entities, it's a good idea to assign the BYLAYER lineweight to any entities that you draw on that layer, unless you want to override the layer lineweight. progeCAD uses the BYLAYER lineweight as the default lineweight setting when you create entities (in the Drawing Settings dialog box).

tip To change the DEFAULT lineweight, choose Tools > Drawing Settings, click the Display tab, select Lineweights in Change Settings For, and then select a new default.
To change the lineweight assigned to one or more layers
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Tools > progeCAD Explorer.
  3. Type explayers and then press Enter.
  4. Type explorer and then press Enter.
  5. In the right pane, click the lineweight for the layer you want to change.
  6. In the Lineweight list, click the arrow to scroll the lineweights, and then select a new lineweight for the layer.

You can also right-click the layer you want to change, and from the shortcut menu, select Properties and change the lineweight assigned to a layer.

  1. NOTE You can also assign a specific lineweight to an entity, which overrides the layer's lineweight setting. When you create a new entity, use the Tools > Drawing Settings > Entity Creation tab to change the current lineweight. For an existing entity, select the entity, right-click for the shortcut menu, and choose Properties. You can then modify the entity's lineweight in the Entity Properties dialog box.