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Working with the progeCAD Explorer - Organizing information on layers - To complete the command and return to your drawing, close the window.

Controlling layer printing

Controlling layer printing is another way you can specify which entities print in your drawing.

By controlling layer printing, you can turn off unnecessary information during printing. For example, if you are drawing a floor plan, you can draw the layout of light fixtures on one layer and the location of plumbing lines on another. By selectively turning layers on and off when you print, you can print the electrical engineering drawings and the plumbing drawings from the same drawing file. By changing layer printing, you can put the same drawing to multiple uses.

When you turn off printing for a layer, entities drawn on that layer are still visible, but they do not print. If you turn off a layer's visibility, entities drawn on that layer do not display or print. Controlling layer printing can be especially helpful if you want layer visibility on, but do not want to print entities on that layer.

Layer visibility must be turned on in order to print entities drawn on that layer.

To turn layer printing on or off
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Tools > progeCAD Explorer.
  3. Type explayers and then press Enter.
  4. Type explorer and then press Enter.
  5. In the right pane, click the setting in the Print column for the layer you want to change. Choose Yes to print entities assigned to the layer. Choose No to omit entities assigned to the layer during printing.

You can also right-click the layer you want to change, and from the shortcut menu, select Properties and change the print setting for a layer.