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Working with the progeCAD Explorer - Using the progeCAD Explorer

Deleting settings

You can use the progeCAD Explorer to delete many of the items that appear in the Elements list. You can delete a layer, linetype, text style, coordinate system, view, block, or dimension style.

Because you may have already created entities on a particular layer or using a particular linetype or text style, deleting one of these elements requires that you make certain choices from options the program presents. For example, if you attempt to delete a layer, the program prompts you to specify whether you want to move any entities from that layer to another layer. Every drawing has at least one layer, the default layer, named "0." You cannot delete or rename this layer. Your drawing can also contain an unlimited number of additional layers, each of which you assign a unique name.

If you try to delete a linetype, the program prompts you to specify whether you want to convert all entities drawn using that linetype to a different linetype. If you attempt to delete a text style, the program prompts you to specify whether you want to convert all text entities created using that style to a different style.

To delete a layer and relocate its entities to another layer
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Tools > progeCAD Explorer.
  3. Type explayers and then press Enter.
  4. Type explorer and then press Enter.
  5. From the Layer Name list, select the layer that you want to delete.

If that layer is the current layer, layer 0 automatically becomes the current layer.

  1. Choose Edit > Delete, or click the Delete tool (
  2. ).
  1. From the dialog box, click Change.
  2. In the drop-down list, double-click the layer to which you want to relocate entities.
    1. Click to delete the layer and all entities on
      the layer.
    2. Click to delete the layer after first relocating all of its entities to a selected layer.
    1. Click to cancel the layer deletion.