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Getting more information

In addition to this user's guide, much of the assistance you need as you use progeCAD is specific to the commands you work with on the screen. To obtain immediate information as you work, use these additional sources of information:

ToolTips To find out what a specific tool on a toolbar does, pause the cursor over it for a moment. A ToolTip appears on the screen.

Status bar To find out more detailed information about a tool when you pause the cursor over it, look on the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Online help progeCAD online help is available on the screen when you press F1, choose a command from the Help menu, or click the question mark in a dialog box. The online help also presents information that does not appear in this manual, including a programming reference that describes how to program in LISP, SDS and DIESEL. The programming reference also describes programming in VBA

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