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Working with coordinates - Defining user coordinate systems - In the progeCAD Explorer - Coordinate Systems dialog box, type the name for the new UCS, and then close the dialog box.

Using a preset user coordinate system

progeCAD lets you select a preset UCS. The six planes defined by looking along the x,y,z-axes align the UCS with the top, left, front, bottom, right, or back, based on either the WCS or the current UCS in effect when you select the tool. You can also select the previous UCS, align the UCS to the current view, or select the WCS.

When you select a UCS, the cursor orientation and UCS icon change to reflect the new UCS. The display does not change, however, unless you select the Change View To Plan View Of The Selected UCS check box.

After you align the UCS to a preset UCS, you can use the progeCAD Explorer to save the UCS. To do this, in the progeCAD Explorer window, choose Edit > New > UCS, and then select Current.

To select a preset UCS
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Tools > Orthographic UCS.
  3. On the UCS toolbar, click the Display UCS Dialog tool (
  4. ).
  • Type setucs and then press Enter.
  • Under Set The Selected UCS Relative To, select either Current UCS to change to the new UCS by reorienting relative to the current UCS or World Coordinate System (WCS) to base the new UCS orientation on the WCS.
  • Under Select UCS, click the button corresponding to the UCS you want as the new current UCS.
  1. Specify whether to define the new UCS relative to the current UCS or to the World Coordinate System (WCS).
  2. Select to change the display to the plan view of the new UCS.
  3. Click to select the previous UCS.
  1. Click one of these buttons to select the view you want of a preset UCS.
  2. Click to select the WCS.
  3. Click to align the UCS with the current view.
  4. Click to display the progeCAD Explorer.