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Working with coordinates - Using two-dimensional coordinates

Entering relative Cartesian coordinates

Another, simpler method is to use relative Cartesian coordinates: you specify a location in the drawing by determining its position relative to the last coordinate you specified. To use relative Cartesian coordinates, type the coordinate values in the command bar, preceded by the at symbol (@). The coordinate pair following the @ symbol represents the distance along the x-axis and the y-axis to the next point. For example, to draw an 8.5-unit square with its lower left corner at 4,5 using relative Cartesian coordinates, start the Line command, and then respond to the prompts as follows:

Start of line: 4,5

Angle · Length · <Endpoint>: @8.5,0

Angle · Length · Follow · Undo · <Endpoint>: @0,8.5

Angle · Length · Follow · Close · Undo · <Endpoint>: @-8.5,0

Angle · Length · Follow · Close · Undo · <Endpoint>: C

Drawing a square using the relative Cartesian coordinates method; enter C to close.

  1. The first relative coordinate (@8.5,0) locates the new point 8.5 units to the right (along the x-axis) from the previous point of 4,5; the second relative coordinate (@0,8.5) locates the next point 8.5 units above (along the y-axis) the previous point, and so on. Entering C (for Close) draws the final line segment back to the first point specified when you started the Line command.