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Working with coordinates - Using two-dimensional coordinates

Entering absolute Cartesian coordinates

To enter absolute Cartesian coordinates, type the coordinate location of the point in the command bar. For example, to use absolute Cartesian coordinates to draw a line from the origin (0,0) to a point 3 units to the right and 1 unit above the origin, start the Line command and respond to the prompts as follows:

Start of line: 0,0

Angle · Length · <Endpoint>: 3,1

Drawing a line using the absolute Cartesian coordinate method.

  1. When using absolute Cartesian coordinates, you need to know the exact point locations for anything you draw. For instance, to use absolute Cartesian coordinates to draw an 8.5-unit square with its lower left corner at 4,5, you must determine that the upper left corner is at coordinate 4,13.5, the upper right corner at 12.5,13.5, and the lower right corner at 12.5,5.