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Viewing your drawing - Displaying multiple views

Working with multiple views of a single drawing

You can open and work with several views of the same drawing simultaneously. There are two methods for dividing the current drawing into multiple views:

Open a new window of the open drawing.

Divide the current window into multiple views.

After you divide a single window into multiple windows, you can control each window separately. For example, you can zoom or pan in one window without affecting the display in any of the other windows. You can control the grid, snap, and view orientation separately for each window. You can restore named views in individual windows, draw from one window to another, and name window configurations individually so you can reuse them later.

As you draw, any changes you make in one window are immediately visible in the others. You can switch from one window to another at any time, even in the middle of a command, by clicking the window's title bar.