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Viewing your drawing

Redrawing and regenerating a drawing

As you work on a drawing, visual elements may remain after the completion of a command. You can remove these elements by refreshing, or redrawing, the display.

To redraw (refresh) the current window display
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose View > Redraw.
Type redraw and then press Enter.
  1. Information about drawing entities is stored in a database as floating point values, ensuring a high level of precision. Sometimes a drawing must be recalculated, or regenerated, from the floating-point database to convert those values to the appropriate screen coordinates. This occurs automatically. You can also manually initiate a regeneration. When the drawing is regenerated, it is also redrawn.
  2. To regenerate the current window, type regen in the command bar. If more than one window is displayed, type regenall to regenerate all the windows.