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Creating complex entities - Adding hatching

Gradient hatch

A gradient is a solid hatch that allows to apply a gradient color to a surface

  1. Show the chosen color.
  2. Set the shade.
  1. Show a preview of the gradinet hatch.
  2. Set the color orientation.
  1. Show the first chosen color.
  2. Show the second chosen color.
  1. Show a preview of the gradinet hatch.
  2. Set the color orientation.
To use a gradient hatch
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Select Draw > Gradient.
  3. On the Draw toolbar, click the Gradient tool (
  4. ).
  • Type batch and then press Enter. In the Boundary hatch window select the Gradient tab.
  • Choose one or two colors to use and select a gradient type.
  • To associate the hatch pattern to its boundary entities, select the Associative check box. An associative hatch updates automatically if you move any of its boundaries. If necessary, choose also a Draw Order option
  • To copy the pattern properties from an existing hatch, choose Inherit Properties, select the hatch pattern from the hatched entity in the drawing. You can also choose if copy the current origin or leave the source hatch origin.
  • Specify the entities that you want to make available for boundary hatching by doing one of the following.
  • Current viewport: to have all entities in the drawing considered when creating the boundary hatch.
  • Existing Set: defines only specific areas to be considered when creating the boundary hatch, which can improve system performance if you are working with a complex drawing. Click Select Boundary Set. In the drawing, select the entities individually or by choosing a selection method from the prompt box, and then press Enter. The Current Selection Set option becomes selected automatically, which indicates that the entities you selected with the Select Boundary Set button will be considered when creating the boundary hatch.
  • In the Boundaries section click Add: Pick points.
  • In the drawing click inside the closed perimeter of a boundary, not on the boundary itself. If desired, continue clicking inside additional closed perimeters.
  • To complete the selection, press Enter.
  • In the Boundary Hatch dialog box, click OK.
To modify a gradient hatch
  1. Double click on the hatch to modify.