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Creating complex entities

Adding hatching

When you add hatching to a drawing, progeCAD fills entities or enclosed areas with a pattern. You can choose a predefined hatch pattern, or you can create your own hatch pattern.

First you specify the hatch pattern and other options, and then you choose which entities or enclosed areas that you want to hatch.

NOTE Hatch patterns are memory intensive and can take a considerable amount of time to draw and display. To improve performance, add hatching as one of the last steps when you create a drawing, or insert hatches on a separate layer that you can freeze as you continue to work on your drawing.
To open the Boundary Hatch dialog box
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Draw > Hatch.
  3. Choose Draw > Gradient
  4. On the Draw toolbar, click the Hatch tool (
  5. ).
  • On the Draw toolbar, click the Gradient tool (
  • )
  • Type bhatch and then press Enter.