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Creating complex entities - Drawing splines

Specifying fit tolerance

By default, a spline passes through all of the control points. When you draw a spline, you can change this by specifying the fit tolerance. The fit tolerance value determines how closely the spline fits the set of points you specify. For example, a spline fit tolerance value of 0 causes the spline to pass through the control points. A value of 0.01 creates a spline that passes through the start and endpoints and within 0.01 units of the intermediate control points.

To specify the fit tolerance
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Draw > Spline.
  3. On the Draw toolbar, click the Spline tool (
  4. ).
  • Type spline and then press Enter.
  • Specify the first point of the spline.
  • Specify the second point of the spline.
  • In the prompt box, choose Fit Tolerance.
  • To accept the default of 0.0000, press Enter.

To specify a different fit tolerance, type the number, and then press Enter.

  1. Specify the additional points you need to draw a spline or a closed spline.