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Creating complex entities

Drawing polygons

Polygons are closed polylines composed of a minimum of three and a maximum of 1,024 equal-length sides. The default method for drawing a polygon is to specify the center of the polygon and the distance from the center to each vertex. You can draw a polygon using any of the following methods:

Center - Vertex (

) on the Draw toolbar
  • Center - Side (
  • ) on the Draw toolbar
Edge ( ) on the Draw toolbar
  1. The vertex polygon drawing method creates an equal-sided polygon defined by its center point and the distance to its vertices. You specify the number of sides, the center point, and the location of one vertex, which determines both the size and orientation of the polygon.
To draw a polygon by vertex
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Draw > Polygon.
  3. On the Draw toolbar, click the Polygon, Center-Vertex tool (
  4. ).
  • Type polygon and then press Enter.
  • Type 5 to specify five sides for the polygon.
  • Specify the center of the polygon.
  • Specify the vertex of the polygon.

    The center ( A ) and vertex ( B ). Resulting polygon.