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Introduction - Comparing progeCAD and CAD to manual drafting

Reusing CAD drawings and entities

When you create a paper drawing manually, you can draw repetitive symbols by tracing a plastic template. After you draw a symbol in progeCAD, you can reuse that symbol without having to redraw it. You simply save the symbol as a block. You can then insert copies of that block anywhere in your drawing. You can also save the symbol as a separate drawing for use in other drawings.


You can draw a symbol one time, save it as a block, and then insert multiple copies of that symbol anywhere in your drawing.

In addition, you can reuse entire drawings and insert individual drawings into other drawings. You can also use an external reference, which acts as a pointer to another drawing rather than a copy of the entire drawing. Using an external reference has an added advantage: when you update the externally referenced drawing, each drawing that references it can be automatically updated.