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Modifying entities

progeCAD® provides many editing tools for modifying a drawing. You can easily move, rotate, or stretch drawing entities, or change their scale. When you want to remove an entity, you can delete it with a few clicks of the mouse. You can also make multiple copies of any entity and copy entities from one drawing to another.

You can modify most entities using general-purpose editing commands. Some complex entities require special commands to modify specific properties. Most of these tools and commands are located on the Modify toolbar and the Modify menu.

In addition to the modifying standard tools, some extensions have been implemented and gathered in the Express menu.

This chapter explains how to:

Select entities using entity-selection methods and grips.

Change the properties of entities.

Rearrange entities by moving or rotating.

Resize entities by stretching, scaling, extending, trimming, or editing their lengths.

Break and join entities.

Group entities.

Edit polylines.

Explode entities.

Create chamfers and fillets.