progeCAD, a smart choice for License Compliance

progeCAD, the Real CAD Alternative

progeCAD, the State of the Art of 2D/3D DWG and DXF CAD, is an easy AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT® alternative for AEC, MCAD and all generic CAD usage.
progeCAD reads and writes AutoCAD® DWG format from v. 2.5 to 2017.
Perpetual License - No annual fee

Feel Safe and absolutely Legal using progeCAD as an AutoCAD® Replacement

Share your DWG, convert DWG to PDF, convert DWF to DWG, create 3d PDF, export models to Google Earth®, PDF print, iCADLib with thousands of free blocks, EasyArch 3D - the Architecture free plugin, are only some of the key features available with progeCAD... More details

Arrow - Light blueLegal software at a fraction of AutoCAD price

progeCAD Professional, reliable and powerful AutoCAD® compatible CAD software for a fair price

  • Legal, economic and comply with the industry standard.
  • Helps you be in line with the legal software licensing without making you pay high license fees.
  • Excels its competitors in proposing the lowest price possible on the CAD market for its licenses.
  • progeCAD is founding member of IntelliCAD® Technology Consortium (ITC) — a unique organization owned and governed by its members
  • The IntelliCAD engine is based on the the Teigha for .dwg files library from the Open Design Alliance
  • DWG files are not covered by any copyright or exclusive usage by Autodesk®
  • progeCAD, ITC and ODA are the sole owners of the DWG technology available inside progeCAD Professional

Arrow - Light blueRisks associated with using counterfeit software

No more risks for your work and company

  • Illegal software often lacks important elements and documentation, and does not include warranty protection or upgrade options.
  • Counterfeit disks or download may be infected with viruses that can damage hard drives or cripple networks.
  • Copying or using illegally copied software puts your company at risk for copyright infringement; legal action against your company can result in negative PR.
  • Counterfeit software that is not functional or contains a virus wastes company resources and increases IT costs.
  • Using counterfeit software may lead to civil penalties and criminal prosecution.

Arrow - Light blueLegal software grants a lot of Advantages

  • A solid program of good IT and Software Asset Management in place.
  • Access to the latest updates, premium add-ons, product enhancements, and tech support.
  • Protection from the Trojan horses, spyware, and malware that can be embedded in counterfeit software.
  • A clear path for upgrading to new Operating Systems when the time comes.
  • It simplifies getting help immensely. You can call the provider and pass any checks
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Seven Reasons for progeCAD

  • Save a lot of money. Perpetual License - No annual fee
  • Increase user productivity thanks to the exclusive tools
  • No learning curve for AutoCAD users
  • Save your investment in your current infrastructure
  • Uses DWG as native format. No conversion needed
  • Keep your CAD up-to-date
  • Work with a reliable partner