Third Party Applications

Extend your CAD system with these third party commercial applications available for progeCAD.


Land Development Stack - Survey, Cogo, DTM, and Road Design software.

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Used with progeCAD® Professional, provides a low-cost alternative to otherwise high priced Land survey, coordinate geometry, digital terrain modeling, and corridor design software.

progeBILLD Architectural

Powerful Architectural application for drawing walls, parametric windows, doors and more..

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Support for complex wall structures, full library of room furnishings (tables, chairs, etc), kitchen and bath fittings. Designers can specify manufacturer and information tags for use in defining schedules and Bill of Materials lists.

progeBILLD Mechanical/Structural

progeBILLD Architectural application for drawing walls, parametric windows, doors and more.

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Come with progeBILLD Mechanical/Structural. Ready-to-use objects and commands automate the creation of details, schematics, and multi-view drawings. Extensive CAD library includes thousands of industry standard bolts, screws, nuts, pins, parametric steel profiles, flanges, dished ends, steel piping, industrial equipment, and much more.

progeBILLD HVAC/Piping

progeBILLD HVAC/Piping Design for any kind of installation (HVAC and piping, water and sewage, ventilation, cooling installation, gas installation design, pulp and paper, high tech wafer fabrication, chemical processing, and more).

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Complete CAD library of MEP, HVAC, piping and air conditioning symbols based on DIN, EN, ISO and national standards.

progeBILLD Electrical

Used to design lighting, low-tension, power plant, aerial, alarm and other electrical installations used in architectural plans and maps.

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It contains Intelligent inserting and removing symbols, creation of fittings and standard parts and automatic generation of specifications. Comes complete with a library of electric objects and symbols based on DIN, EN, ISO and other standards, spacious libraries of devices and objects that come from standards and catalogs of prestigious producers, intelligent inserting of symbols in lines or in groups of lines and inserting symbols in line crossing. Automatically create legends and descriptions, automatically create specifications, export to PDF, XLS, XLM, CSV, HTML, RTF and more.

progeTABLE Link for Microsoft Excel

progeTABLE imports Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into progeCAD allowing you to modify the Excel spreadsheet at anytime in either applications.

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True bidirectional sychronization, Full control of font type/style/size/color in progeCAD or Excel, support for border style (double-line, dashed line, diagonal and etc), vertical/wrap text, merged cells, Center across selection, resulting in all elements of the imported table being base progeCAD Entities. Ideal for Panel Schedules, Equipment, Schedules, Room Finish Schedules, Door and Window Schedules, Bills of Materials (BOM) Parts lists, Notes, etc.


Mechanical software products

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Mech-Q, is a CAD-based software products, offers well-rounded drafting features for a wide range of engineering applications ranging from Mechanical software, Piping software, HVAC Ducting software and Structural Steel Detailing software.


CADprofi is a CAD add-on that helps in designing architectural and mechanical projects, as well as plumbing and electrical installations.

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The program speeds up the work by providing many new features that are not available in base CAD programs. Currently program is available in 22 languages, including: English, Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Dome construction software

Constructing geodesic domes application.

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LTplus AI-Architecture 2010

CAD-based software products for Architecture.

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LTplus AI-Architecture for IntelliCAD - English Version

  • Architecture-Application for IntelliCAD | metric architectural |  2D & 3D Visualisation | 3D Modelling & Presentation...
  • LTplus enhances with this English Version IntelliCAD for the use in  architecture. To use the LTplus AI-Architecture Application an additional IntelliCAD-Version is needed. Find out here, which IntelliCAD version is compatible enough to use it with LTplus AI-Architecture:  AI architektur CAD Homepage - English
  • 3D-Freeform-Modeller openFX, Boolean Operations, Shading,  Render, Raytrace, Animations, Walkthrough, Presentation, ...
  • Standard : English - Western European - Metrical Units
  • Manual (PDF), Online-Help (200 p.), Tutorial (20 videos)
  • Free ServiceReleases and email-Hotline
  • Backup-CD optional


parametric CAM product.

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IntelliCAM is a parametric CAM system developed for wood, marble and aluminium working machines. A low cost solution, perfectly integrated inprogeCAD , to obtain projections, offset boundaries and job cycles. With just one programming operation it is possible to change the machine configuration, design an object and check the machinability and to produce a G-Code programme ready to be executed.

Cogo - Land Development Suite

Land Development Suite, used with progeCAD, provides a low-cost alternative to otherwise high priced Land survey, coordinate geometry, digital terrain modeling, and corridor design software.

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This software is ideal for Professional Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers who need an economical software solution. It also provides a low-cost way for Architects to communicate their data to the Engineer.


StairDesigner is a versatile stair design software for progeCAD.

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You can build spiral stairs, straight flights, turning stairs with winders, curved stairs, central cut string stairs and more. stair Designer can be used for wood, metal or stone stairbuilding. Special functions are included for drawing stair parts (wood or marble) covering concrete stairs.

progeCAM CNC Milling Lathe Wire EDM

CADDIT CAM application for progeCAD.

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progeCAM is an affordable CNC manufacturing package for progeCAD designers who would like to use a CNC mill, lathe or wire EDM machine for cutting their designs.

PiCAD (Piping Isometric CAD)

PiCAD (Piping Isometric CAD) is a complete solution for creating easy-to-read pipe geometries and contains practically all the necessary functions. Pipe isometrics allow pipelines to be represented with all their details and dimensions in length, width and height.

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It helps to draw pipe isometrics without the detour via 3D planning – well „readable“ pipe isometrics avoid errors in plant construction and are nowadays indispensable!