EasyArch 3D
The architectural plug-in available in progeCAD for free

EasyArch 3D allows to create automatically:
walls, doors, windows, stairs, roofs
and furniture in few clicks


progeCAD works simultaneously in 2D and 3D

You can use it just to create 2D plans; alternatively,
at the same time you can also display all the elements in 3D.

 Parametric walls creation    
 Walls editing (Delete, Rotate, Move, Copy, Make/Cap holes, pillars etc.)
 Interactive creation and editing of parametric doors and windows (Insert, Copy, Move, Edit))
Layers facilitated management (quick turning on/off, freeze/unfreeze, isolate layers etc.)

 Insert and editing of parametric blocks
 Roofs and coverings
 Creation and editing of tables of elements, rooms, spaces etc.
 Quick dimension​​​​​​

progeCAD is an alternative CAD with perpetual licenses

No annual fee

Non-obligatory upgrade

Custom Licenses

They work with progeCAD: