progeCAD Architecture is an affordable BIM alternative. Don't take our word for it, check by yourself! Compare progeCAD Architecture and AutoCAD key features through this table. If you still have doubts, download a Trial Version and have a go or contact our Support Team for more details.

Full LT
Complete set of 2D/3D CAD features
Ability to work directly on the real 3D Building Model
All the project drawing aspects (views, sections, axonometric etc) are being globally updated
The entire building (composed of parts/levels) can be globally edited & shaped
Properties button on any objects
IFC Import/Export
Editing of simple object entities (i.e. walls, slabs, beams etc)
Editing of more complicated objects (directly or through parametric dialogs)
Group editing capabilities (i.e. modify a common feature of a group of building elements)
Use of generators for standard building entities (i.e. openings)
Parametric modeling of specific Objects (i.e. slabs, gables, rails etc)
Intelligent modelers of complicated architectural components (i.e. stair modeler, roof modeler and others)
Dimensions automatically assigned to Objects
Synergistic Integration among Architectural drawing, Photorealism and Animation
Object libraries easily adapted within the 3D model
Automatic listing of the Bill of materials
Application & Editing of Materials textures on the drawing
High Accuracy regarding the Rendered 3D Model
Model Rendering & Animation capabilities
Integration options with civil and mechanical engineering vertical applications
Easy to learn and work productively after a quick training
Time to complete a project is a small fraction comparing with a flat design program
Time to edit/modify a project is a small fraction comparing with a flat design program

progeCAD Architecture

progeCAD Architecture is 3D & 2D Architectural software using DWG as its native file format. The program offers an intuitive AutoCAD-like interface and the benefits of a powerful BIM technology which allow the user to design faster and easier in 3D & 2D. Learn More...

Brief Overview

progeCAD Architecture is a complete package offering BIM parametric tecnnology, the Render based on ray-tracing technology, the Topographic 3D ground generator and the presentation capabilities via real-time virtual tours and .avi video records. Learn More...


Explore the software Architectural capabilities, download a trial version for a 30-day hands-on experience, get  started with the software using the Quick Start Guide, the User Manual and Video tutorials available in the Video-Tutorial section. Learn More...

Flexible Licensing

Perpetual licensing solutions with progeCAD Architecture. The license is valid life-time after just one-off payment. No annual subscription fees! Learn More...

progeCAD Architecture

BIM Alternative

progeCAD Architecture is an affordable BIM package to create building models exchangeable across other BIM software platforms through the IFC 2x3 file format. Unlike traditional sophisticated BIM packages, progeCAD Architecture offers an easier approach to digital building modeling and, in addition, the capabilities of generic DWG CAD drafting.

High Compatibility

progeCAD Architecture works directly in DWG ensuring complete compatibility with AutoCAD® WITHOUT ANY FILE CONVERSION and without losing any critical information. Support for the IFC 2x3 file format enables interoperability within the AEC /FM industry and smooth product model data exchange with other BIM software such as Autodesk Revit®, AchiCAD®, Allplan® etc.


progeCAD Architecture BIM Alternative