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Working with coordinates - Defining user coordinate systems

Defining a user coordinate system

To define a UCS, you can use any of the following methods:

Specify a new origin and points on the positive x- and y-axes.

Specify a new origin and point on the positive z-axis.

Align the UCS with an existing entity.

Rotate the current UCS around any of its axes.

Align the UCS with its z-axis parallel to the current viewing direction.

Align the UCS xy plane perpendicular to the current view.
  1. When you define a new UCS, the UCS icon changes to indicate the origin and orientation of the new UCS.
To define a UCS by specifying a new origin and points on the positive x- and y-axes
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Choose Tools > Named UCS.
  3. On the UCS toolbar, click UCS tool (
  4. ).
  • Type expucs and then press Enter.
  • In the progeCAD Explorer, be sure that Coordinate Systems is selected, and click the New Item tool (
  • ).
  1. In the prompt box, choose 3 Point.
  2. Select the new origin.
  3. Select a point on the positive x-axis.
  4. Select a point in the positive y direction.